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Are you real? How can you know for sure?

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The Hyena is more closely related to Cats than Dogs. (source)


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From 1977…. not too bad

If you only watch one video today, etc, etc…

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Daily roundup


Several NZ Herald journos are mini-leaking my private emails on Twitter now.  As you might imagine, the relatively good relationship that has been developed after Mr Fisher was reigned in is now null and void.  It is clear that everyone at the NZ Herald potentially has access to the lot.   I will show restraint for now, but there will come a point where there is no longer any point, and they will invite an asymmetrical response.   Read more »

Understanding “The margin of error” on political polls – once and for all


via 3 News


You  might want to bookmark this article for future reference.  It draws on a very useful post I hacked from Professor Thomas Lumley on the Stats Chat blog:

The 3% ‘margin of error’ usually quoted for poll is actually the ‘maximum margin of error’, and is an overestimate for minor parties. On the other hand, it also assumes simple random sampling and so tends to be an underestimate for major parties.

Lower and upper ‘margin of error’ limits for a sample of size 1000 and the observed percentage, assuming that complications in sampling inflate the variance by a factor of 2, which empirically is about right for National. Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending Competition (Ctd)

SetWidth232-Lawrence-Yule-1Thanks for all the entries to Whaleoil’s Silliest Local Government Spending competition. Remember the first of the prizes will be awarded on Sunday Night so if you have entered and haven’t seen your entry appear on the blog reenter in the comments section or via the tipline in case we have missed it. New Zealand seems blessed by a special kind of stupid local government elected representative so we will be continuing the competition for at least another month.

Today’s entry is a breathtakingly silly spend by the Hastings District Council a few years back. We don’t mind it is a bit old as it is just about as silly spending as anyone could imagine. Mayor Lawrence Yule is still in power so he and his council get todays nomination.   Read more »

David Farrar tries to scream into the media storm

via ODT

via ODT

A nasty quick hack from Kiwiblog:

The Herald reports:

He said Dr Tucker told him about Slater’s request for the documents on July 26, the day he received it.

Mr Goff said Dr Tucker said he intended to release that day, “and I hit the roof”.

He had told Dr Tucker it was “unbelievable that you would contemplate doing anything like that – that draws you right into the political arena”.

He said Dr Tucker then agreed to delay the release for a week.

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