Is it just me or does the Herald suck?

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I predict that the Herald [P] phenomenon will not last.

All the best parts are now Premium content.

Does that mean I will pay for them? Nah!! For the same reason I don’t have a paper delivered, I can get my news from multiple sources.

Now don’t get me wrong, I used to enjoy reading the opinion pieces, but I am not going to miss them and I certainly won’t pay for the priviledge of reading silly Brian Rudman. Ii will simply look elsewhere for inspiration.

The Herald is the loser.

The Hearld should by now be seeing a huge drop off in readership from it’s site and almost no-one is going to pay for Opinions, Cartoons etc. Thus the Herald deprives the online community the”benefit” if its collective wisdom.

Herald, you suck….you suck like an Electrolux.


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