Harmeet Sooden alive and rescued by the forces of evil

Harmeet Sooden has been rescued by the US and British forces of evil who have delivered him from the head-hackers noble insurgents terrorising fighting to free Iraq.

Funny thing was though as I was watching on CNN and BBC our Harmeet Sooden must be a different one because Jack Straw announced that 1 Briton and 2 Canadians have been rescued….no mention of the poor kiwi hostage…oh dear ;)

  • Oswald Bastable

    I see the cry-baby girl-pants brigade are starting to cry over on kiwiblog, because some of us a mean- awwww!

  • Whaleoil

    Ohhh really, yay girly-pant bashing my favourite sport.

  • spam

    They said on the radio that he was a canadian student studying in NZ. Not that I know either way…