Dumbass Judge puts away Catholic Kiddy-fiddler

Disgraced former Catholic brother Bernard Kevin McGrath has been jailed for five years — his third prison term for the sexual abuse of boys.
What is more of a disgrace is the bizarre sentencing comments of the Judge.
Justice Lester Chisholm told the 58-year-old that he was sceptical about his claims of remorse.
Then he goes on to say that "in setting the length of the jail term, he had to take into account a 1993 jail term imposed on McGrath in Christchurch, and a nine-month term in Sydney later."
And then sentenced the serial kiddy-fiddler to only 5 years!!!!!
If I had been the judge I certainly would have taken the previous sentences into consideration and concluded that the guy is beyond redemption and sentenced him to 30 years in the exercise yard at Paremoremo with the words kiddy-fiddler tattooed on his forehead.
But for the judge to take previous sentences for crimes into consideration in order to lessen the sentence is truly bizarre.