More Nat Northern Region results

List Ranking Committee 

Successful list ranking candidates were;

  • Nick Albrecht
  • Diane Gribben
  • Kit Parkinson
  • Toni Millar
  • Roger Burrill
  • Cam Calder

Aaron Bhatnagar missed out by two votes, never mind, try again next year.

  • Hamish

    It was a good result all around. Bell was clearly a better performer on the day. His presentation plus powerpoint was MUCH better, but his written material was not as good as the preprinted professional cards of Burrill. Burrill is a nice guy, and I feel sorry for him, but my vote was pretty well confirmed the moment Bell spoke after him. 

    For the other positions (policy and Deputy roles), they were all uncontested, apart from the list ranking committee you mention above. Batnager was only a first time contender and hasn't been a member for long enough, so he did very well to only just miss out, as the people who bet him were all either members for 20 years + or electorate chairs. Better luck next time. Millar spoke poorly but got a sizeable's womens vote – Ian McDougall of Port Waikato missing out was the real surprise since he has been a real stalwart.