Winston lies to Parliament

Winston just can't help himself. He has scant regard for the truth.

[quote]Rt Hon Winston Peters: Is it correct in a historical context that the highest-ever personal taxes in this country occurred under a National administration with a Minister of Finance called Ruth Richardson, when she imposed a surtax increase in 1991 of effectively, in its worst case, an impost of 92c in the dollar?

Gerry Brownlee: Why did the member vote for it?

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Again Mr Brownlee shouted out during the question.

Madam SPEAKER: No, it was after you had finished the question.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: And the answer is that I did not vote for it. I was expelled from the National Party.[/quote]

Later on during Question Time Maurice Williamson showed us the real truth.

[quote]Hon Maurice Williamson: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Earlier in this session, an interchange occurred between the leader of New Zealand First and the deputy leader of the National Party. Gerry Brownlee actually called out and asked why the Minister voted for it, when we were referring to a move introduced by the National Government on 30 July 1991 to increase the rates of taxation on national superannuation. Mr Peters took the point of order, said that he had been interjected on when you quite clearly pointed out that he had not, but went on to say that he did not vote for that move. I seek to table Hansard, Volume 517, at page 3287, which shows that on the voting record one of the people who voted for that measure was Mr Winston Peters.[/quote]

  • Darren

    Look what happens when you associate with Dear Leader for long!
    Or has Winnie lied before?

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Ahhhh ha ha ha! Good work. I enjoyed this. Brownlee and Williamson are good attack dogs. Beating Winston at his own game – that's what I like to see!