Song Competition

Ok, Now that Zen, me and Fletch have had a go I thought i would have a little song competition.

The Theme is Labour…yep I know it is broad but hey there is heaps of inspiration there.

Tax cuts? Waste? Fraud? Speeding? etc…. go for it.

The tune is I don't like Mondays….not for partucluar reason other than it lends itself to it.

Now here is the rub. The winner will have his/her song put to music, recorded and published to the world. No ifs, no nuts, no maybes. I promise.

The judges are Whaleoil, DarkSunshine and an as yet unnamed National MP.

Go for it. Submit away in the comments section. Lets have at it for say a week eh!

  • ZenTiger

    It’s been a long week…might need an extension, not to mention I’ve had my quota of Geldof for a wee while. Maybe any well known song as the backing to your assignment?

  • Whaleoil

    Ok extended by request and any well known song, preferably with a catchy tune