Hubbard reckons we back his vision

Deputy Mayor Hubbard reckons the public supports his vision.

Considering the man is myopic I find that very hard to believe.

To quote Darryl Kerrigan "He's dreamin'"

People are lining up to give the idiot a serve.

Matthew Hooton: "Given Mr Hubbard's mayoralty up till now has been undistinguished and characterised by blunders and petty small issues like the colour of pavers it is not before time that he is thinking to portray some kind of vision of where he wants to take the city." 

Doug Armstrong: "Dick has only got himself to blame for the dilemma he has got himself into. I have never seen such anger over a rates increase,"

John Slater (President of C&R Now): "While I support the mayor's vision and the concept of big things for Auckland there are more equitable ways to fund them than by huge rate rises. "

Michael Barnett: "Dick Hubbard has missed the point"


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