Is there a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

Helen Clark thinks there is.

Jordan Carter thinks there is.

Russell Brown thinks there is.

Hillary Clinton thinks there is. 

Phil U thinks has delusions there is one. 

With all those eminent people with the exception of Phil thinking there is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, there might just be one.

Scary. Real Scary. 

  • Whaleoil

    Adults don't do them eithe, what little brain cells were left after your yoof are needed to get you through to your senility.

  • Cactus Kate

    Got to laugh.


    We are not organised enought o run a proper conspiracy!!!

  • Murray

    Jesus how paranoid ARE these people????

    Well phool of course we know about. Kids don't do drugs.

  • MikeE

    I don't know if I'd call it a conspiracy, we are fairly open about it arn't we :-P


  • Fletch

    LOL, yeh right.
    The last two terms in office, Labour has been able to get away with a heck of a lot while the rest of the country turned a blind eye or pretended they didn’t care. Labour were given the benefit of the doubt and decided to push the envelope. They could do no wrong.

    This time around, folks are standing up for what they believe. If they feel that Labour has been corrupt, then they’re now going to accuse them of such – if they feel they have been publicly insulted, then they will complain and raise the issue with the proper authorities.

    It’s not that there is a right wing conspiracy; it’s the fact that folks aren’t taking any shit any more from them. These are the same people Labour has always offended, but now they’re standing up to them. THAT’s where your conspiracy is, Helen and co: not people getting together and conspiring, but the offended all just happening to act at one time against the shit you’re trawling right now. You want to throw the shit around? Fine, but this time it’s coming back at you.