Not so random impertinent questions

I'm a little confused. Help me out here will ya.

  • How come it is ok to forge paintings?
  • How come it is ok to piss in hotel corridors?
  • How come it is ok to sleep with an employee in your care?
  • How come it is ok to assault students?
  • How come it is ok to falsify company returns?
  • How come it is ok to rort housing allowances?
  • How come it is ok to leak documents?
  • How come it is ok to lie to parliament?
  • How come it is ok to nicked hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?
  • How come it is ok to rort your constituents for immigration favours?
  • How come it is ok to Assault protestors?
  • How come it is ok to drive under the influence?
  • How come it is ok to undermine civil servants?
  • How come it is ok to speed through the countryside like an African Dictator?
  • How come it isn't ok to have extra-marital hetereosexual sex?

There that kinda puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

  • Fletch

    The thing is, as Michelle Boag pointed out on the radio today, LOTS of MPs have had divorces and marriage problems. Heck even David Lange when he was PM, but there used to be an unspoken code of conduct about such things.

    Labour has just got so vindictive – they know they are have done something wrong and corrupt, but like an impertinent child they don’t like being told so. ‘How DARE anyone disagree with us?!’, they say. So now they say F.U to everyone and just dig their heels in and scrape up any mud they can find to throw.

    It’s gonna come flying right back at them.

  • peter mck
    • how come it is okat to tell lies about the police commissioner because you want him sacked
    • How come $9b is not a surplus (lie about it)
    • How come it is okay to tell lies about USA policy influence (mallard the scum)
    • How come it is okay to call someone a Murderer  (vile clark again)
    • How come it is okay to appoint the most incompetant and lazy MP the foreign minister


  • Spirit Of 76
    Whale, to many of these bloodless-androgynous freaks in Labour, the only notion of an erotic encounter is possibly a 5 minute "liason" in the cubicle of a public toilet.
  • Spirit Of 76

    Forgot to add… I hope that The Don comes back from this, fuck Labour, their stolen emails, and all of that other bullshit. Mallard is a varuker, nothing more. It was great to hear the DJs on More FM and Hauraki comment on how vile  Mallard  is today.

    Honestly, how far will this lot go in order to retain power ? Rigging ballot boxes ? I wouldn't put it past them now. Seriously.