An Interesting proposition

Peter Mck supposes on DPF's blog that;

[quote]I contributed 1 cent to their big whip around. That is all the theiving bastards deserve. I hope processing the 1 cent costs them much more than that. If you to want to contribute one cent go to -[/quote]

My knowledge of payments processing system would suggest that indeed it will cost Labour substantially more than 1c to process the payment.

  • Fletch

    Heh, too funny.

    On a serious note though, my Dad reckons he was watching Prime News last night and the newsreader was talking to Barry Soper. He said that there was no policing of exactly how much money Labour were paying back. So, we’ll never know how much they are paying back or indeed if the whole lot does get paid back?

    The reporter said we’ll just have to trust them…