Miss Whaleoil is not happy

Miss Whaleoil is not happy.

We just had lunch at Subway and she wanted a kids pack.

On the outside of the brown paper baggie that it is delivered in it states that you get;

  • A Yummy Sandwich (this is debateable surely?)
  • A tasty treat (looks like flavoured rubber)
  • A cool drink (that is cool as in cold not cool as in "kewl")
  • A Fun Toy

Now she was happy with the first three and most unhappy with the last. As she said to me and Mrs Whaleoil "since when has a stink keyring been a fun toy".

I happen to agree with her. This is false advertising for sure. 

Even when she went up to the staff and pointed out that a "stink keyring" isn't a fun toy she got nowhere because apparently that is the only "fun toys" that they have.

Hmmm maybe a letter to Subway may get some action.


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