Key's Shadow Cabinet announced

John Key has announced his shadow cabinet.

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Scoop Press release

Big winners are;

  • Maurice Williamson – moves to the front bench
  • Simon Power is promoted from number seven to number four and gets Justice and Commerce. He retains Corrections.
  • Wayne Mapp gets Defence and Auckland Issues.
  • Tim Grosser gets Trade and Associate Finance.
  • Chester Burrows gets Police.
  • Jackie Blue gets Women's Affairs.
  • Jonathan Coleman gets Broadcasting.
  • Kate Wilkinson gets Labour Industrial Relations.
  • Pansy Wong gets ACC and Ethnic Affairs.
  • Paul Hutchinson gets Tertiary Education.
  • AnonAwesome

    Maurice Williamson is the biggest sack of uselessness in history. No way in hell does he deserve that. Oh well, incompetent people on the front benches of national is nothing new. Good for everyone else i suppose.

    I also love how you\’ve neglected to mention the removal of the \”PC eradicator\”. Bahhahah what a joke.

  • Whaleoil

    Get a life and fuck off of my blog that I pay for. Any future comments from you will be deleted.

    I do not have to tolerate trespassers like you. If it were my house I would have shot you. 

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    No mention of who the  big losers are. I note Richard Worth has lost Justice, and has dropped  24 to  16. Mmmmmmm – I  suspect that he's for it the high jump now that Brash is gone and can't protect him (and by proxy, Rodney Hide as well).