Council waste continues

The Auckland City Council are a bunch of wastrels.

They spent over $160,000 on overseas travel. Hubbard and Hucker easily outstripping all the others with $43,163 and more $30,000 respectively.

Figures show that they continue to blow hundreds of thousands on travel. Other councils are not so free and easy with their rate payers funds.

  • Auckland Regional Council spent $16,200
  • North Shore City $25,000
  • Waitakere City $39,412

Time for Dick and Co to take a hike.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Nothing like Matt McCarten’s endorsement to scare off the centrist voters. I’m predicting Banks wins the Mayoralty back by 5000-10000 votes next year.

    Nice guys finish last, and with Hubbard in charge, Auckland has been the loser for the last 2 years.

  • pdm

    I think they might be gone. I see over th the Herald that Matt McCartin in picking Hubbard to be re-elected. Surely the `kiss of death’.

  • Spirit Of 76

    I guess the only reason that my lot in Waitakere spent only $40k was the fact that they are too broke to pay for much without having to borrow more money from the bank.