Another top-half of the OECD effort by Labour

NZ ranks as the number one place to have kids kill themselves according to a UNICEF survey.

Add that to the hungry kids and the Obese kids and what do we have under a Labour. A place that isn’t that great to bring up kids.

Of course Labour again denies that there is a problem and says the report is outdated. Their solution to all of the above is of course the much vaunted Working For Families.

Who woulda thunk it that Socialist largess could solve sooooo many problems?

  • barnsleybill

    Have a look at the UK papers this morning, they have commented along similar lines this morning as well, claiming Britain is at the bottom blah blah.
    I have commented on my blog with links, and am look forward to listening to Klark and the rest of the Dykocracy trundling out the usual blame National bollix. 7 years of course not being time enough to “fix” things for a bunch of washed up teachers and union onanists.

  • Big bruv

    And guess who that filthy socialist prick Maharey (sp) was blaming for this on close up tonight…..yep you guessed it, Richardson and Shipley.
    Will this corrupt govt ever own up to anything?

  • exocet

    Really, why would anyone listen to that corrupt and useless organisation (yes It’s the UN I’m talking about).

    I would just love it if NZ pulled out of the UN.