Christian bashing continues

I don’t watch Praise Be, but I understand that heaps of oldies do.

They will now be watching less because funding from NZ Air has been reduced by a quarter.


For a new show called "My God" which is a programme on diverse faiths and their attitudes to religion.

The real  kicker is this line by Amanda Evans, the My God producer, "top of the list is Hindu as we missed them last year, and the show was considering an episode on atheists".

Atheists? They don’t even believe in God, any God. Why waste fricken state funds on a show called My God about someone who doesn’t even have a god?

  • Spirit Of 76

    Good point – Athiesm is a religion. One only needs to visit and see the hoardes of athiest cultists trying to have a crack at Wishart to see that.

    I guess that is what 40 years of turgid post-modernist social engineering has done.

  • ian

    Ah, Whale me dear old mate… it must be because Atheism really IS a religion…

    Having said that, it does show how multi-culti touchy feely we are now, no longer sure of our own heritage and beliefs.

  • Mainstream

    Don’t believe all you hear from NZ On Air – they’re lying – again! My God had ten programmes last year – the same as they’re getting this year And Praise Be is having ten programmes lopped off from its total last year. So it’s a straight lopping off of Praise Be’s programmes. There’s another ten perogrammes of Prasie Be again this eyar. But who cares about our old people any more? Certainly not the parasites at taxpayer-fed another-no-need-for-it bureacracy, NZOA!