Is that the sound of kicking I hear?

Helen Clark will be surely kicking herself as her normally astute political vision has seemingly deserted her.

She turned down an invitation from John Key to visit the street he mentioned in his speech, instead trying to deride him. Now it is John Key who appears to be the caring sharing leader whilst she looks petulant and silly sitting on her throne.

You know you are winning when the Herald uses headlines like Key wins Charm Offensive.

The Herald even goes as far as quoting kids on the street "He’s a nice man and he’s cool."

Yep cool as a cucumber whilst the Killer Queen fumes in front of the mirror.

  • Coyote

    Come on in a battle of charm Mr Clark is hopelessly unarmed.

    I have a soggy furball on my kitchen floor that could take her.

  • Adolf Finkensein

    Whale you must pay more attention to detail  THe Killer queen does not fume in front of a mirror.  She fumes in front of a specially programmed monitor which absorbs the image of a frumpish Golda-Meir look alike and reflects back the youthful but bogus visage one sees on pledge cards and Labour Party websites.  Some would call it mutton dressed up as lamb but I have too much respect for mixed age sheep.