March against Anti-Smacking Bill

A march is being organised for Wednesday 28 March for those wanting to protest the Bradford/Clark bill to ban smacking.

It will start at the Civic Square at 12 pm. There may be an Auckland march also.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I am a single mum of a gorgeous little lad of 4 yrs. I admit i do wince when i see someone smaking their children but the reason im disturbed is because they did it for a silly reason like they dropped there lolly on new carpet etc. I have admittedly smacked my son but for things like trying to run in the road or completely disobeying me to the point where nothing else worked. I am pro smaking but we do need something to help protect those children whose parents are a little too liberal with their smacking and use it as the only form of punishment.

     Mum from brighton  england

  • Firm but fair Dad

    Since when is it the role of this pro socialist government to tell me how I can and can not raise my kids. Why is the media so intent on portaiting smacking as beating or whipping our kids. This has all been done under the smoke screen of the "Child abuse" banner. Yes there are some idoits out there that senselessly beat their kids. Why should our right to disapline our children be removed because of another minority. It is time to take a moral stand on this one guys………… Let get to the marches and have a say………….

  • Warren

    To further elaborate on the previous quote.


    Whats next? the anti hug and kiss bill?


    Banning parents from showing physical affection because a small minority molest their children?


    Absurd you say?


    I agree. 

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Please can someone organise an Auckland march aswell, Auckland has more than a MILLION people almost a quarter of NZ's population most of who it reasons to believe appose this communistic bill. We can make a much bigger protest.