The power of youth

Two Pakuranga College school girls have humbled GlaxoSmithKline over their claims about Ribena. 

When they first discovered that GSK was misleading consumers they got the fob off from the company, but they persisted. The girls contacted the Advertising Standards Authority, and Brandpower, but still got again got the fob off from governmental bodies that should know better. Undeterred they went to Fair Go whopicked up the story and suggested the girls take their findings to the Commerce Commission.

The Commerce Commission has now decided to prosecute. GlaxoSmithKline will appear in Auckland District Court on Tuesday to face charges alleging 15 breaches of the Fair Trading Act.

Hahahaha….One hopes these two don't get in blogging, world watch out.

  • Cactus Kate

    Silly little things.  They could have got a "payment in return for handing over their research findings" that would have set them up for life.  Had they had an agent.

  • Whaleoil

    I know, like the car that runs on water,, all hushed up…..they'll probably be socialists until they get a job.