World Class Health System – Yeah right

Kiwi’s enjoy a world class health system, don’t we? Right?

Uhmmm no, actually. How can it be world class when a cardiothoracic ward was so crowded that sometimes the toilet was the only private place for consultations and wound dressing.


Isn’t health grand under Labour?

  • The Real Fugley

    So, you DON’T have any solutions, do you?

    Simply chanting the private enterprise model is not a solution; perhaps explaing how it would inmprove health outcomes may lead us towards a solution.

    Just wondering if you’re capable of anything more than the blog equivalent of a 5 second sound bite.

  • Whaleoil

    Uhmmm…actualy I do, but I am not about to put my business case, funding and ideas out there so plonkers like you can see if I have any solutions.

    Clearly your solution is to do nothing…some solution that is.

    Now run along back to the sandpit Fugley.

  • Coyote

    Oh for fucks sake are you lefties STILL bitching about the last National government?

    You’ve had seven years, you’re admitting you can’t get you shit together in the time so just fuck off now and let the grown ups clean up after you.

  • Whaleoil

    Actually I do have some solutions, unfortunately the Government doesn’t like the idea of private hospitals/providers doing things. Their track record is to slay any business model that doesn’t fit state provision of services.

    Now about those hand grenades….fire in the hoooole

  • The real Fugley

    Yes, easy to sit on the sidelines and lob hand grenades, but what’s your solution to the problem? bet you don’t have one.

    How about listing the 5 major improvements to the health system under tha last National govt?

    Nope, to cowardly again,?

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    gutless, that’s what you are.

    hopeless, is all you’ll ever be …

  • Whaleoil

    Gutless huh!! at least I am not an Anonymous Sooky La-la.

    Run along pussy.

  • ZenTiger

    The first mistake was to create 21 DHB’s and a whole new level of bureaucracy, whilst expanding the central Ministry – even though the rationale was that it would reduce with all these new health boards. They soak up a few billion with no real improvements to the front line.