Hubbard says it is all the dirty immigrants fault

Dick Hubbard says the region's growth, urban drift and immigration are the reasons why it will continue to get more expensive and difficult to own a home in the country's biggest city.

Then he goes on to propose stifling growth as a solution to the housing problem ……well that's what it looked like anyway and for sure that is what will be on the billboards.

[quote]"If you had less growth in Auckland, if you had less immigration in Auckland, prices would fall, it's as simple as that,"[/quote]

Duh!!! Dick sure makes it easy for his opponents.

  • aaronbhatnagar

    The same economic genius that brought us $500 million from Hamburg is now suggesting choking growth and immigration is in Auckland’s best interests.

    Beggars belief really.

  • Leonidas

    The real question is who is running his cereal company… Seriously, if he ran that like he's running the city, it would never have gotten off the ground.

  • Me :)

    Really what Mr Hubbard should be worried about is building a better public transport system for Auckland, besides isn't population growth good cos then we have more workers to make more stuff so on and so on?