Understanding Commie-Speak

Zen Tiger at NZ Conservative has an excellant translation of Chris Trotters leftist treatise.

For those who don't know Chris Trotter is the leftist commentator who said that Labour's theft was justified as it kept National from power.

His latest wailing is attempting to paint Labour as the innocent victim of Auditor-General, Kevin Brady, who maliciously "fined" Labour $800,000 that he knew Labour could not pay back.

My favourite translations are;

[quote]Commie Speak: That he is not yet perceived in these terms is largely due to the way he has been lionised and hailed as the "People's Watchdog" by those who led the campaign against his principal victim, Helen Clark. Sadly, this includes a great many of my own profession who, along with all the usual right-wing suspects, somehow managed to convince themselves the 2005 election had been stolen by Labour.

Translation: Apart from the issue of historical accuracy, which even I had to admit at the time, now that a suitable period has passed we can just make shit up and pretend it happened in a completely different way. Note to self: Never admit to wrong when caught flatfooted, it only makes it harder to wriggle out later. Still, no real harm done, given Labour are about to legislate for state funding of elections. We'll get control back pretty quickly.

Commie Speak: If Mr Brady was not aware of that fact when he forced Labour to clean out its accounts, he should have been.

Translation: We got caught, and we are going to blame others. Because that's socialism, in a nutshell. It's always some-one else that needs to pay for our crimes. It's always some-one else's money that should pay for our spending.

Commie Speak: So, if Labour doesn't re-stock its war-chest with the taxpayers' money, the 2008 general election will be the sporting equivalent of the All Black vs Niue.

Translation: We stocked our war-chest with tax payers money in 2005 and it felt good. This time, we are going to change the law so we don't have to pay it back. And if anyone is going to be Niue, it will be National. Bwaa Haaa Haaa.

Commie Speak: That's because Mr Brady has set Labour the impossible task of raising the equivalent of three general elections-worth of funds in three years. That is, quite simply, a democratic and constitutional outrage.

Translation: We stole $800K. That's now three elections worth of money we spent in one election. See how we exaggerate when it suits our purpose? We've already collected half of it from donations, but that doesn't matter. I'm going with the "democratic outrage" angle. Note to self: Find out what this word Democracy is. My earlier diaries said it was something I liked to trample over.[/quote]

  • ZenTiger

    I wonder if Chris realizes he’s put his foot in it? Or is it always that the voting class peasants have been led astray, until such time as they can read the official memo from the 9th floor?

  • Whaleoil

    He is becoming increasingly deluded. When I lived in Wellington I used to reas his articles for sheer amusement. However he has become more strange with his rantings.

    Clearly he actually believes that Labour were right to steal the money and now after muttering under to himself under his cloth cap for the last year or so has come to the conclusion that it was all a conspiracy by the A-G against Labour….next thing we will hear that Kevin Brady is a fundamentalist christian, or even just an ordinary christian or perhaps……cue spooky music….with a name like Brady he must, surely, must be a (shudder) a Catholic!!! 

  • dad4justice

    I believe the insipid Mr Trotter should go for a holiday to North Korea – so he can see a mad putrid commie in action . I suggest he would be shocked to find that the commies have obliterated all basic human rights and have withered everything they have touched – much to the detriment of the innocent people .Mr Trotter is like many of the utopian leftie people enjoying a delusional ride of idiocy .