Minister puts blame on staffer

Minister puts blame on stafferEnvironment Minister David Benson-Pope insists political adviser Steve Hurring acted without his knowledge or approval when seeking details about the private relationship of a senior staffer from ministry chief executive Hugh Logan. But… [NZ Politics]

Two words describe Panty Slut-boys denials – Yeah Right.

  • dad4justice

    Mr Panty Slut Boy Benson Twitchy Dope is a despicable character who is a spineless jellyfish that gets a hard on every time he can  cut somebody down with his gutter tactics. This type of lying backstabbing schoolteacher cretin is the perfect example of the normal behaviours accepted by an unscrupulous PM and her band of callous cohorts. This festering  Liarbore fungus must be exterminated at all costs , as they cannot be allowed to influence  the public service  bureaucracy !