Racist calls Howard a racist

Howard sidesteps Maori MP’s ‘racist bastard’ tag – 10 Jul 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

This is the epitome of irony.

A MP elected by people who can only vote in that electorate if they are on a roll that exists solely for people of one race to the exclusion of all other races calls the Prime Minister of a sovereign nation a racist.

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  • Peter McK

    not only that – soem time back he also was in the media because he refused to help any person who was not on the Maori Roll. Racism within Maori is alive and well as it ever was.


    On the plus side at least the Maori Party are sucking support away from Labour.

  • Mark

    Or maybe Hone believes in one law for all. Yeah right.

  • Leonidas

    I think Hone belives that racisim can only be perpetrated by someone in power over someone who's not, rather than as an idealogical equality applied accross the board. But truly, if all men were created equal, Grahame Henry would'nt be looking for a Centre, he would have called me.