Does the PM actually know anything?

Clark denies anti-Key ‘bomb’ – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Yet another thing the Prime Minister denies knowledge of? A Key neutron bomb. The list of things that she has no knowledge of grows by the day.

[quote]Miss Clark said: “Those are words that appear to have been put in our mouths and I am a little surprised by.”

However, she continued to call for media scrutiny of his business links and whether in 2002 he properly enrolled to vote in the Helensville seat, when he lived elsewhere. [/quote]

In other words the lackeys they hired to break into houses didn’t find anything so she is asking the media to do the digging for them.

She is still following the Madagascar Plan whether she knows it or not.

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  • dad4justice

    I don’t know about the cadaverous Helen Clark and this anti Key neutron bomb thing, however I did witness a Prime Ministerial motorcade attempting to set a land speed record on State Hwy No.1. I thought she’d must have been the escaping the fallout of a nuclear blast that was detonated down South? On this occasion she did not know of her speed just like this latest offensive blunder, as it pays to have selective memory loss when you are a consummate liar and a Prime Minister. Stand down you insane marxist bitch .