Labour's new logo released

Scoop: Lyndon Hood: New Logos

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  • Spanishbride

    I am SOoooooo sorry but Whaleoil never made it.

    He was distracted by a pair of boobs that were not on a bike and further than that I couldn't possibly comment.
    I went with him to the last one and it was TERRIBLE! those poor poor women. It was freezing cold and they all would have gone home with Influenza. I mean really, why didn't the health and safety lot stand up for those poor women's right to a safe work place. 
    Not to mention the fact that their nipples were so hard they could have taken someones eye out giggle giggle.

    Just shocking!
  • dad4justice

    Good one Whaleoil and I think it prudent that I suggest a few words on the matter  ;

    Rock up, roll up  liarbore supporters as we are the corrupt political farty party that establishes rules so we can crush our critics who accuse us of brainwashing and defrauding voters, because we’re all charlatan’s deluding the silly public wublic with destructive totalitarian feminazi tactics.

  • Inventory1

    Forget the flippin' logo – what about the Boobs on Bikes pikkies you promised!

  • Sweetd



    love your blog, now show me some titties like you said you would ;-).  Some of us had to work and couldn't get into the city.