Looks like "The Gluc" reads Whaleoil

Meanwhile Julie Chambers must be having kittens about her silly plan to jump in with Steve Crow.

Just in case you have all forgotten what the Gluc is talking about here it is;

BTW 1Auckland.com is still looking a little limp, ie not up!

  • Peter Back

    Neither is John Banks' website despite him announcing he is standing.

    What on earth is your point? 

  • Whaleoil

    My point fool, is this, now watch closely as you might miss it, their ticket name is 1Auckland DOT com…..you know, like they have a web presence…got it? Nah didn't think so, now run along and give Chris and Julie a hug.

  • dad4justice

    Maybe Julie could get need a Steve Crowbar you know where to film the jaffa jerks in their Church while Mr Maralion Mansen played on his organ and that wimpster on TV could play the video for police recruits ?

  • Anon

    ha ha – that woman got used. Which when you think about, is pretty much what Steve Crow does.