Minister's rugby trouble

Minister's rugby troubleCorrections Minister Damien O'Connor has conceded that playing rugby in France with a suspended prison officer was a mistake; National leader John Key has called it "mind-blowing stupidity".
The suspended officer is Jim Morgan…
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Yep "mind blowing stupidity" is it, now Clark has to face the ignominy of sacking yet another Minister. There comes a time however and it can't be far away that people stop looking at the drones for someone to pin the blame on and start looking at the person picking them.

Of course to be fair to Clark, and that is something I have never done and will probably never do again, but her caucus has about as much depth as car park puddle.

So it looks increasingly likely that O'Connor will join slapper Benson-Pope in being spanked by Helen along with veteran plonkers "The Burton" and Rick Barker. But who to replace them with?

My pick is it will either be a lesbian or a unionist or an ex-school teacher.

  • barnsleybill

    A lesbian or a unionist or an ex teacher. Shit Whale Oil, that is the widest net you have ever cast, talk about having a bob each way.

    I do not think O'Connor will be sacked, she cannot sack another one. He will be rotated out as part of the reshuffle which will happen under the cover of the RWC