My word hasn't the Anti-Spam legislation drastically reduced Spam?

Random thought as I troll through my Spam box, my word that Anit-Spam legislation has really cut down the amount of emails from Russian whores, Nigerian 419 scammers (hmm…must do another trophy), penis enlargement pill vendors and banks if no account with but apparently have had my password with them compromised.


  • dad4justice

    Hey perky pinky I know a bad thing when I can smell a rotten hog like you. Yuck !

    Do you prefer to eat your spam from a can or from a troff ?


  • Whaleoil

    D4J please lay off the resident troll. I need her to stay around. I am sure she is quite nice rather than a hog, her nickname is Perky rather than Pendulous after all and the only things that I know that are described as perky i like to see more of.

    Ok mate. Cheers

  • Perky Pinky

    D4J, did you have apoint, or were you having a brain fart?

  • dad4justice

    Hey Perky Pinky great to see you use the Mrs Disgusting phrase "brain fart " , oh well, the same person that attacked my every comment on kiwiblog .

    What a sad life you must lead !

  • perky pinky

    'Brain fart' is not a phrase unique to anyone. it is a common slang expression meaning "a lapse in the thought process; an inability to think or remember something clearly."

    If you think I'm the same as somebody else who has been attacking you on another blog, have you ever heard of the words 'paranoid' and 'hubris'? Look 'em up — they describe you.



  • dad4justice

    Pathetic Pinky – why waste my time with such a perky cretin ?

  • barnsleybill

    I was having the same thought the other day when I cleared my spam box of the 50 or so messages I get a day offering my fat hairless small penis the chance to grow; girth, hair and firmness along with great stock picks and weight loss all at the same time.

    They really are fiddling whilst rome burns. have we seen any actual real legislation in the last couple of years? 

  • pdq

    Heh, true. But it does stop you emailing others urging them to tell Labour and the Greens to fuck off,  if its unsolicited and you don't have an opt out facility.

  • Perky Pinky

     bogus attack. yet again you miss your mark with a straw man.

    The government never promised that the ne law would stop spam. I merely promised to prosecute spammers in NZ.

    It is one part  contributing to an international effort.

    Why do you think this is a bad thing? 


  • Whaleoil

    Come on Tits, Exactly how many Kiwi spammers were there that we passed a law about huh!!!

    Probably less than ten. This was passing a law simply for the sake of passing a law, our contribution on the very edge of the internet in combatting worldwide spam will be precisely nothing.

    It is however a very convenient law to go and do search and seizure under for people doing political lobbying via the internet. Except of course if they locate their servers elsewhere, which is why it will be is next to useless.

    Sheesh you have got to lighten up girl you take posts here much to seriously. 

  • Perky Pinky

     1. I don't know. Do you? No, you don't.

    2. Rubbish. Read the precursor statements and announcements and the speeches from cunliffe. Plenty of hard policy to back it up.

    3. why do you think it's okay for lobbyists  to spam people? 

    4. that's a furphy anyway; the spam law only chases people  who're seeking monetary gain. didn't you read the law before you posted?

    Sheesh … get up with the facts before you post.