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[quote]Andrew Bannister Says:
September 27th, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Frederico, with all due respect to GPs, you over-estimate the skill of a GP. You talk about complex drug interactions, but most assessments are formulaic. GPs don’t sit down and work out all the possible drug interactions. Instead, they will say, “here take this, but before you do, do you take any other drugs?” If yes, they pick up the New Ethicals, do a quick check, and if no flags are raised, they go ahead with the prescription. That’s all they can possibly do.

You are confusing a GP with a specialist. And specialists don’t work alone.

frederico Says:
September 27th, 2007 at 12:41 pm

Andrew Bannister, with all due respect, I suspect I am more qualified to comment on this than you

MB ChB (Otago), FRACS

But thanks for highlighting Labours attitude to GPs. Ignorance and disrespect.[/quote]

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  • Fred Phillips

    jeez i wish i could type!!!!  sorry

  • Inventory1

    Fred – how does it feel to "come out of the closet" as it were?


    Hang in there – as I said on Kiwiblog, your comeback to Andrew Bannister (not his real name – interesting!) was a Kiwiblog classic.


    BTW – are you doing deals on hips at the moment – when you can get OT time?

  • Fred Phillips

    explain deals please?

  • Fred Phillips

    Thanks WO,


    Funny thing is that Andrew tried to then expose me as a fraud. Things didn't quite work out that way. My qualifications have been proven. Left playing the man rather than the ball. But to his eternal credit he did say sorry.

    As i said, its time those on the left of the political spectrum owned up to the problems in the public health service, rather than trying to jusify it., I (we) are at the coalface and we dont like what we see.

  • pdq

    Fred, there is a lot of white noise over at DPF's, but in case you missed it here is why you are a "bastard" in need of capping … (knee or otherwise) … by the socialist bastards:

    Socialists only see three types of people: heroes, bastards and losers. They, of course, are the heroes and see it as their job to control the bastards and look after the losers.

    They don’t like it when they can’t control the “bastards” or someone else takes an interest in the “losers”, or for that matter, they are no longer poll as the “heros”.

    I do hope that helps understanding the the left, its not really a mental illness, because mental illness is capable of treatment.  The bastartds who give you a hard time are brian damaged and as we both know there is nothing much that can be done about that apart from taking them out for quiet walks and letting them have their accidents.

    Notwithstanding that, thanks for you personal insight.

  • Fre

    Thanks pdq,


    I imagine due to my indiscretion , i am going to be subject to much questioining by the DHB.


    But, that is good. Let th battle begin.



  • pdq

    Fred, I wouldn't think so, but if they do question you just tell the bastards to fuck off.  And that's professional advice from from an LL.B (Otago) …. Me, late 80's early 90's Selwyn College if that helps you understand my "attitude" towards pock-faced, bearded, cardie wearring, limp wristed, skoda driving, speedo wearring, Metro-reading, environmentally concerned charrdonay sniffing, public service leftie assholes ;)

  • Fred Phillips

    sorry,  Iv1


    a bit cautious et the mol