Falun Gong to sue the Peoples Republic of Wellington

Falun Gong takes on Wellington City Council – 31 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Chinese spiritual group Falun Gong is taking Wellington City Council to court after being refused permission to be involved in cultural events in the capital.

Falun Gong says the organisers of Wellington’s Cuba Street Carnival and Chinese New Year Parade allowed its brass band and dancers to take part.

However, the council overturned those decisions, labelling Falun Gong a political group and saying it could not join in the festivities. WTF, can’t participate in parades because you are a political group!!! I hope no Unions took part in the march.

What next? Not being able to speak on the street because you don’t agree with the government…oh wait…they are trying that one on right now.

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  • http://thewhig.typepad.com Blair

    The guy must be an embassy lackey – he's also commented on The Whig.  I think I was far too polite to him by comparison.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    God you're a big fat moron. WCC is headed by Kerry Prendergast, who is National MP Mark Blumsky's protege and is tipped for the National Party list when she steps down.

  • Whaleoil

    Kerry Predergast a council does not make, nor does she control the little socialist lickspittles that make the decisions at the coal face. Still a council is what it is by its actions and kowtowing to demands from the Chinese Embassy to ban Falun Gong makes them the Peoples Republic of Wellington.

    Oh and Robinsod/Tane, try posting from a different IP address if you want to pretend to be anonymous.

  • http://falungongpolitics.blogspot.com charles liu

    Falun Gong is a fanatic group with questionable political agenda. Here're some of their political propaganda:

    – They misrepresent breast cancer photo as evidence of sexual torture:


    – They fabricate stories like "live organ harvesting". Both US State Dept and Chinese dissident Harry Wu have condcuted secret investigations in China and found the allegation not credible:



  • Whaleoil

    So what, they have as much right to partake in a parade as the next person. What are you some bloody lickspittle for the Chinese Embassy. This is a free country at the moment and they should be able to perform without busybodies like you jumping up and down.

    Fuck off.