Nats and Greens 'could work together' on environment

Nats and Greens 'could work together' on environmentNational and the Greens say they could work together in some areas of environmental policy.
Green Party MP Metiria Turei spent the weekend at a conference with National's environmental advisory organisation, the Bluegreens, and…
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Now this is refreshing and what MMP was supposed to be about. The major catch I see with it is that most of the Greens are in fact not "green" rather they are shall we say "reformed" communists that have bought into the green religion as a way to get elected given that if they stood espousing Maoist philiosphies they wouldn't get within a bull's roar of parliament. 

  • David White

    This is a crock. Only bad things can come of National and Greens agreeing on environmental policy. The problem is the underlying philosophy (or it should be a problem). It saddens me that Nick Smith has been sucked in by the "carbon indulgences brigade".

    The Greens and National cannot even work together to oppose a fundamental political injustice called the Electoral Finance Bill.

     Eco-mentalism is just "anti-capitalism" in disguise.

  • pdq

    Isn't wonderful to see all the snouts come sniffing for a piece of the pie in 2008.  I think the odds of Sue Bradford being back on a benfit where she can't do any more damage are pretty good.