Dick of the Week

David Cunliffe wins the Dick of the Week award

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    What a fucking wanker. At least he will only be there for 10 months. Keep taking the piss out of these assholes Whale.  Judith must be pissed that her gurl-fiend has hung up the sturrups though. 

  • Inventory1

    Bloody good video that WhaleOil! Keep snotting Tane, Sam, roger & co off – and BTW – Kill the Bill!!

  • Monty

    Another great quote from that self serving egotistical prick and one to add to the Quotes above.

     I very much enjoy these vids and you have been doing some great work on them recently.

  • barnsleybill

    He will regret making that comment many times. Obviously Mr 5k a day Brian Edwards had not had the chance to teach silent T the correct way to avoid becoming dick of the week.

  • pdq

    Yes there is a new cunt in town!  I just can't be bothered being cute with his name.