Campaign could breach electoral bill

Campaign could breach electoral billThe campaign by Invercargill to fight funding cuts to the Southern Institute of Technology could breach restrictions in the Electoral Finance Bill – which will be passed into law next week.
Full-page ads were run in five newspapers…
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Despite an unfortunate picture of Tim Shadbolt the Herald has shown how a campaign by the Invercargill Mayor will breach the Electoral Finance Bill and if the law had been in effect he would already have breached it with 5 pull page ads in different newspapers, showing just how draconian this law will be.

The irony is ex-protestor and Labour supporter has now turned feral on the government as is prepared to go to jail if he breaches the law. 

  • Dogmelon

    Does anyone think that lairbour will actually lose the election?  I hope they do but I have a feeling that they will just win because all the stupid people will get sucked in by liabours' election bribes.  Arghh, the pain of waiting for the election to hopefully see the back of this lot is excruciating.