National's tactics delay final vote on election bill

National's tactics delay final vote on election billNational's delaying tactics have stalled the final debate on the Electoral Finance Bill until next Thursday.
That will force the Government to take urgency on other legislation either at the end of next week or in the week before…
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Labour are becoming hysterical as they start to run out of parliamentary time to pass the Electoral Finance Bill. Not only that the delaying tactics of National have put Jim Anderton's pet law the banning of BZP in jeopardy, unless of course Labour takes urgency to ram them all home.

Annette King is very angry because National is "filibustering". Newsflash Annette, that is what oppositions are supposed to do, to make life hard for the Government. The free ride is over, you are being held to account. Take another sip from the poison chalice that is the Electoral Finance Bill. 

  • DavidW


    Yes,yes,yes,yes, where the wild things are, yes


  • Keith

    Monty, none of these useless creeps will be unemployed for long. Somehow, there always seems to be a cozy little well-paid rathole for them to disappear into.

    "Unemployed" is for the mere peasants.

  • ZenTiger

    NZ Labour only have themselves to blame for the deadlines they now face. Their original bill was so flawed and badly written, it required over 150 last minute amendments.

    Not that those changes have fixed it to such a degree that it deserves to be passed.

  • Monty

    Labour are very angry at the moment – they are going to finish the year 15 points behind in the polls and many will need to spend the summer polishing up their CVs for their impending unemployment come October / November 2007 (as will the NZF team, and hopefully UF). 

     They cannot understand why the public hate the EFB and all it represents.  Worse it became a mainstream issue despite their desperate attempts to keep it under the radar.  The outbursts by Cullen and Malllard are not helping their cause, just making them look like the corrupt desperate dying government they really are.

     I hope National can keep it running as long as possible – especially keeping the EFB in the headlines which must be the objective for the time being. 

  • Dogmelon

    I again reiterate, why do people keep wanting to vote for this nasty lot.  As the polls suggest, there are still a fair few who want clarkistan to continue.

  • Lindsay

    Some questions:

    • Did Peter Dunne speak during the EFB debate in The House this week?
    • Has Phil Goff ever made any statements at all in support of the EFB?
    • Has such a complex piece of legislation ever had two such dullards in charge of it like King and Burton?
    • Shouldn't Labour be bi-partisan and put Chris Finlayson in charge of the EFB seeing he has a better grasp of it than all of the Labour Party put together?
    • Where the hell did Peters get Woolerton from? The guy is a tosser.
    • Finally is Jill Pettis really mad?