Dear Mike Porton

Dear Michael,

Clearly your memory has failed you, you were banned for the rest of your natural life from this blog.

The reason for your lifetime ban were because you refused to apologise for defamatory remarks, which I note you continue to make.

Now, for some reason known only to you, you have decided to sign back on and to now accuse me of fraud.

You are not welcome here, you never will be so best you slink back to the backwater you call a blog or just keep commenting on the Labour Party sponsored mouthpiece the Standard because you will never be allowed here again.



  • Zutroy

    Maybe he has a cognitive disorder?

  • Monty

    Or better yet Michael – Fuck off out of NZ you socialist parasite and enjoy the consequences of socialism in North Korea. 

    NZ does not want losers such as yourself and we would all be better off without the likes of yourself and all other scum that are Labour party activists (such as Tane, and the wankers involved in the

  • dad4justice

    Another one bites the dust .

    Don't you just love internet battles . The war is far from over,as the cadaverous supreme leader will be a slippery eel to catch . The smelly sub standard sewage ponds may provide the bait to catch the horrible unctuous slimeball creature ?