Barnett decides against standing on Labour list

Barnett decides against standing on Labour listChristchurch Central MP Tim Barnett has abandoned the idea of standing on the Labour list at the general election.

Mr Barnett said last October he would not stand again for the Christchurch Central seat, but left open the possibility… [NZ Politics]

I bet he doesn’t want to stand any more, who the fuck would with a party in self destruct mode and all their lickspittle blogs can do is exhibit Key Derangement Syndrome.

  • mawm

    He also wants to eff off back to Blighty. Having interfered withour social values he now can’t live with them.

  • runningking

    This site must have some other purpose other than a few deranged right wing lunatics competing with each other for the “Dog of the Week” Award?

    Are you hiding kiddie porn on here somewhere Whaleoil? I’m contacting the police (and your Daddy!) and they will both give you a working over!!

    Give it away mate – this site is sinking faster than a National Party sponsored rock concert!

  • JRS2008

    Eh ?

  • dad4justice

    Good riddance to the selfish homosexual activist Tim Bummet !!
    He has caused enough damage too New Zealand society – the insidious pommy arsehole snake !!