Is Mike Moore standing for parliament?

Wanted: anti-gang tsar – Opinion: views on the news on

Mike Moore wants a “war on gangs”. I’m sure that will be as successful as the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, or any other war against a word.

But shit, it would get votes (and cost a hell of a lot of money with zero return)

Can’t we find another job for Mike Moore that takes him overseas.

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  • Monty

    No – we cannot – Mike moore needs to stay around till after the election so that for the next 10 months  he can asist the VRWC in destroying the party he loves (but we all despise and hate).  Once National are well and truely in charge of the Government benches (with Labour imploding and self destructing) he can again be given a role which will ensure that his very able talents are better used.

  • Big Bruv

    Mike Moore standing for parliament is not all bad, perhaps he could be persuaded to stand in Andertons electorate.