Unionist tipped to go up against Wong in Botany

Unionist tipped to go up against Wong in BotanyUnion worker Brenden Sheehan – who was the spokesman for the family of Folole Muliaga after her death last year – is expected to be the Labour Party's candidate in the new East Auckland electorate of Botany.
Mr Sheehan will go…
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Brenden Sheehan, the corpse cuddler, (learned well from Dear Leader) will more than likely be contesting Botany for Labour against Pansy Wong.

Sheehan has been shopping himself around the electorates and he doesn't even live in Botany.

It will be fun baiting this bozo up close and personal. 

  • jerry

    "shopping himself around the electorates"

    As opposed to Pansy Wong – "resident of Christchurch for
    28 years Pansy moved to Auckland to contest the Central Auckland seat in 2002
    " (source: Pansy Wong MP official website, [which is funded by the taxpayer]) and is now contesting Botany.