Coup rumours gather momentum

The Hive: Cullen Coup Plot Gathers Strength

Must read blog The Hive speculates further on Cullen’s coup plans.

….we understand that those around Michael Cullen are ecstatic. They see his performance against Key as the major factor influencing the narrowing of the gap. And for those in marginal constituencies, and those at the wrong end of the list, there is now hope on the horizon. The Hive understands that with the Goff team on board Cullen now has the numbers to move. The big question is – will he have the courage?

Their rumours tie in with mine, a move is going to happen, it is just a matter of time.

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  • Gazza4D

    Didn’t Cullen get his beatdowns the last time he tried to roll Clark?

    I’m still hoping that they put someone like Tevor Mallard in the hot thseat. I want a whitewash, er, bluewash of the house this election!

  • Lindsay

    I hope like hell Cullen is the leader soon, that will be a godsend for the Nats if they play their cards right especially with the looming economic situation.

  • Harpoon

    LOL — what rumours? The ones that bounce off your shower cubicle wall?

    Nobody with any credibility is giving any credence to that sort of idea. Any sensible person would regard your post as just a bit of a piss-take at best.

  • Zutroy

    So Harpoon, I suppose there is no truth to the rumours of an emergency Labour caucus meeting in the next two weeks and all leave being cancelled for Labour MPs?

    That rumour is wildly flying around Wellington and Auckland, and I don’t see any attempts by Labour to stop the rumour by denying it.