Goat Sex man gets name suppression

Man who tried to have sex with goat gets name suppression – 12 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The man who tried to have sex with a goat has been granted permanent name suppression.

In Rangiora District Court, Judge Brian Callaghan ordered the man, who turns 69 tomorrow, to undergo two years of intense supervision.

Judge Callaghan said the behaviour was “unusual, perverse and depraved” but his family, including the man’s wife, continued to support him and publication of his name would negatively affect any chances of his rehabilitation.

“It is unfortunate that cases of this nature, the way things are, attract overwhelming media publicity,” the judge said.

“There is no doubt a prurient interest (in the case) that people will want to read about. Unfortunately that is human nature.”

I want to know why the judge has ordered supervision, is it so he can get it right next time? Does he just have to stick to sheep?

“You are a sad case, really,” Judge Callaghan said. “This is such perverse and depraved behaviour it reflects a person of enormous deficiency in personality.”

You think!!!

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  • Johnboy

    How can you have sympathy for his wife after all if she had been prepared to show him a good time he would not have been tempted to stray to the front berm and meet the goat of his dreams.
    I feel she is as much to blame as he is in this whole sorry tale.
    My sympathy goes to the poor goat who will never again be able to take his/her place in Capra Bovidae society and forever have to live down the shame of those few fleeting moments of lust.

  • Andy

    Bestiality is no more depraved than homosexuality.

    Why is it illegal?

  • Whaleoil

    Come on Andy, you can do better than that.

  • Johnboy

    Come now Whaleoil you must realise that the learned judge has not done this to protect the nasty depraved old shitbags name and family but to protect the poor innocent goat and his/her family.

    How could the poor creature ever appear at the roadside again keeping the berm under control if it knew that passers by were aware of its past and possibly suspected it was a willing party in this whole sad incident.

    How lucky we are in NZ to have such wise judges on the bench and long may they collect the huge salaries and gold plated pensions that us peasants are so happy to subsidise for them.

  • mawgxxxxiv

    In the early days of colonisation when women were a rare commodity sex with live stock must have been common. Perhaps the chap should have argued that ‘sex with goats’ was a customary right or perhaps even a taonga ?

  • Johnboy

    Good point there. Im not sure if it would be a taonga but it would save a man a lot of his treasure if he married a goat instead of a woman. Hell lets face it a paddock of grass would be a lot cheaper than the half share of all the worldly posessions that the ex-wife demands. Also if you had kids instead of children it would suit the socialist education system. Then all of our dedicated teachers would not feel out of their depths and the Minister could claim a “Win win situation” to use the favourite terminology of our gracious leader!

  • Spanishbride

    His poor wife, well I’d want name supression wouldn’t you?

    If he is gay ok then you can rationalise that its not you its him.
    If its another woman, well ok its all her fault and she has to die LOL

    BUT a goat!?