Weapon of Mass Distraction

Revealed: Air New Zealand’s mile-high pay gap – 15 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The Air New Zealand Slave Labour Story is a government “Weapon of Mass Distraction”.

Highly placed sources have contacted Whale Oil Beef Hooked to explain that this story has been leaked, ostensibly from the Ninth Floor but with the tacit approval of the shareholding ministers.

The shareholding ministers have known about the contractual staffing issues with the Shanghai flights since they began, in fact my sources told me that the airline checked with the ministers BEFORE entering into the contracts with the staffing suppliers in Shanghai.

This story has been leaked for one reason only, to limit the damage coming from the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board report. The view of staffers in the know is that the government can spin the Air New Zealand story onto the senior management of Air New Zealand. Essentially the line will be that though they are shareholding ministers they have no day to day control over the airline. This flies in the face of management advice to the government about these employment contractual mechanisms.

Air New Zealand has plenty of other such arrangements with staffing on flights, particularly to the Pacific. However the nature of the disparity between the pay rates on the China flights necessitated management advisories to the shareholding ministers under the “no surprises” protocol.

My sources at Air new Zealand also confirm these arrangements had government approval.

So as my various sources have confirmed, this story was leaked by and with the approval of the ninth floor and the shareholding ministers in order to limit the damage of the HBDHB report release on Monday.

My sources are verifiable and I have no reason based on the evidence supplied to dis-beleive them, my Air New Zealand sources have also confirmed the evidence supplied.

  • Inventory2

    And why aren’t we surprised. Culen pulled the “asset sales” rabbit out of the hat on the day that Baygate was going to get it’s first airing in the House after the Baord was sacked, and the media swallowed the bait – hooker, line, sinker, rod and reel!

  • JRS2008

    You should go over to the standard they are desparately trying to avoid HBDHB and are still going on about Key’s slip of the tongue on wages and sying that HBDHB is just politics as usual in NZ – WELL YES UNDER THE CURRENT CORRUPT REGIME

    I’d encourage all right minded people to log into the standard and give them a reaming for the shite they are currently peddling.

    Try this link to if you want to give them a burst the filthy swines.