Helen Clark Stole Your Bicycle

Helen Clark Stole Your Bicycle

Somebody emailed me this link today to a new site “Helen Clark Stole Your Bicycle“.

Someone has way too much time.

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  • Inventory2

    Thanks for the tip on that interview BB – hearing Trotter saying that Labour’s chickens are coming home to roost because the EFA was bad law was music to this Kiwiblog Right member’s ears!

  • barnsleybill

    made my night too.

  • pdq

    Same here, although I couldn’t help but get the feeling Trotter was painting the media as being slightly underhanded … rich indeed!

  • burt

    Is that the same younger sister of the PM that has her picture on billboards etc ?

  • barnsleybill

    younger sister? I’d tap that.
    As you said cam somebody has far too much time on their hands.
    Only grumble, why did they not use a real photo of Harry?

  • Whaleoil

    Probably used the fake photo as that is part of the joke.

  • barnsleybill

    Did you listen to the Trotter interview?