The deconstruction continues

Craig Foss MP: HBDHB : Personal Attacks

And so Craig Foss continues the deconstruction of Minister “I’m running the show” Cunliffe. Foss looks into the Clarkist penchant for personal vilification, in particular the two Maori Representatives.

Remember the Minister sacked the entire board, not individuals, including the two men mentioned in todays piece. He accused them all of being “a nasty little nest of self-perpetuating, provincial elites”.

These are men with enormous respect amongst the community and Minster Cunliffe has maligned them behind the cover of parliamentary privilege for his and Annette King’s protection of each others butts. Clearly Cunliffe has a much larger job than King in that regard.

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  • Inventory2

    This is looking more and more as though Cunliffe has staked his political reputation on the sacking decision. He seems to be getting increasingly miffed that the Hawke’s Bay populus has not rolled over and bowed to his obvious wisdom/ Meantime, I’ve complimented Craig Foss both for doing exactly what an electorate MP is supposede to do, and for his use of his blog to do it!