The government will wish they never started this fight

Date set for review of DHB sacking – Hawke’s Bay – The Dominion Post

Cunliffe is so going to wish he never covered Annette Kings prodigious arse by sacking the Hawkes Bay District Health board.

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  • pdm

    Lucky for Cunliffe, King, Hausmann and CEO Clarke that Tony A’Deane isn’t hearing it. On present form he would give them all a few weeks in clink.

    And a good job if he did.

  • Stroke That Ego

    ** Letter to Clark 29.04.08 **


    As a very concerned citizen of New Zealand, I raise the following points with you in the hope that you have some sense and will realise the need to resign.

    My grave fear is that you consciously acting a strategy for wicked purposes yet, one of which threatens the National Security of New Zealand.

    Have you not any idea or clue about basic warfar Strategy and why major dominants are interested in purchasing key sites/assets in other nations when they’ve already bucket of cash???! Surely it’s obvious. Personally, i’ve no probem with the Chinese however, in this case do you not understand the principes of Chinese Strategy?

    By analysing the patterns of your actions, understanding behavioural psychology and being sufficiently competent in systemic invasive warfare developments using commercial acquisition, it’s plainly obvious that you do.

    Its clear that you’re scurrilous ways are a mask for a conniving and contriving the end of democratic new zealand (into a communist state) however, are the architect of a significant National Threat.

    That is, enabling major world powers, who are feasibly able to dominate planet earth, to own and control security and well being through infrastructure such as 100% ownership of our utilities. What happens Clark when they get to own all key utilities as your ridiculous antics would allow? What happens to control if they turn the power off?

    Have you not studied Ashby’s laws referring to power, balance, control, implication and circumstance?

    Indeed have you blocked the AIAL sale to the Canadians as you wish to have it open to pursue more oriental owners?

    On another note Clark, your corruption is proven illegal activity and of such daily bile that New Zealand does not need any further. You seem to scough with smug and grotesque arrogance when queried on your continual drive towards nothing but misery and suffering (into the heart of New Zealand (by the fact that you’ve nothing to offer expect excuses)).

    What really concerns the public is how you and your “government” appear beyond reproach.

    If we (the public) steal, defame characters and or create any threat to National circumstance as you have been proven to do, we would be investigated, charged, prosecuted and punished in the way that it deserves.

    You and your government need to be removed from office forth with for risks to New Zealand you have created or at least you should resign Clark.

    Your behaviour contradicts every privilege of being elected as Prime Minister and most of this nation feels that you have let us down.

    You have been operating negligently (purposefully I believe). In any performance management context, you should be sacked. How can you carry yourself as Prime Minister each day? Surely, such acts of negligence are acts of treason of which should be treated with the same regard?

    Totally disgraceful. You should take a moment and look deep within yourself to see what we see.

    If the police were not so corrupt, surely a formal investigation and prosecution should be initiated in any or all of the crimes you have committed. You should go through the same process as any one of us for such demonic behaviour. After all this is (was) a democracy?

    Please resign Clark.

    New Zealand

  • pdm

    Stroke The Ego

    Before you send the above letter I suggest you get someone to check the spelling, grammar and phrasing otherwise it won’t get past the office junior.

  • Stroke That Ego

    apologies. i’ve only just learnt to read and write (under funding in education).

  • Awarua2008

    Tony Randerson better get used to men in dark sunglasses going through his trash and strange clicking noises on his private phone lines…and he’ll really start getting paranoid if he keeps running into Clark and Cunliffe in the Koru Club every week between now and August…