Winston screwed for sure

Grey Power won’t bend on electoral finance law – 23 Apr 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

If anyone was unsure whether Winston will survive the general election can now rest easy. He won’t.

He won’t survive because despite his pathetic bribes the oldies have deserted him and they have deserted him because of the Electoral Finance Act. Grey Power has rejected one of his lackey’s bid to stop it challenging the Electoral Finance Act in court along with John Boscawen and teh Sensible Sentencing Trust.

Winston supported the the Act, voted for it and now he reaps the whirlwind of his actions. Ha bloody ha, cop that lot Winston, serves you right fool. Enjoy the sounds of the crowd from your self constructed tumbril.

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  • Simeon

    We told Winston to “kill the bill” now it is going to kill his party.

  • Monty

    Great to hear the oldies on talkback saying they don’t really want the taxpayer funded transport. They would rather see more doctors and nurses. One old dear rang up and asked why she should get free transport which will be paid for by her daughter and son-in-law who were struggling to pay the mortgage bill and keep their family financial.

    An excellent point I thought.

    I see the death columns in Tauranga, Kapiti, Nelson is getting a bit longer as winter starts to bite. Is Winston’s constituency shrinking?

  • Inventory2

    Winston’s constituency is both shrinking and wising up. Full credit to Grey Power for not rolling over for Winston on this one!

  • bogusnews

    Good job.

    I think the old people are the ones who still remember where we came from, and what Winston has sold his soul to do. “Lest we forget” the men and woman of their time who fought and died trying to preserve the rights that Winston and this despicable government are hell bent on removing.

    They remember all right, and the PM must now be realising it wasn’t such a beltway issue after all. While the smug Winston who arrogantly calculated his electorate could be cheaply bought off with a few dollars of free bus fares.

    I feel proud of the oldies. They are leading the way for the young people who have forgotten.