Brenden Sheehan should resign

Folole Muliaga weighed as much as ababy elephantAs more evidence comes out about Fololobese Muliaga we are finding more and more inconsistencies with what Brendan Sheehan (Breasel) has told the country. We are finding out that her sons are as bad a liars as Breasel.

Today the coronor’s court was told that Fololobese Muliaga knew she was dying, she knew how desperate her health was and she still discharged herself from the hospital. Even if she had stayed she never would have been resuscitated by the hospital as stated in previous evidence given to the court. She also repeatedly went without her medication or her respirator.

[quote]Mrs Muliaga required four or five nurses to turn her in her bed, something which needed to be done several times a day.[/quote]

Worse Fololobese was over 200kgs when admitted to hospital and an astonishing 180kgs after she left. To put that in perspective she weighed as much as that baby elephant pictured above. I feel sorry for this woman that her family have so callously exploited her death, she will be looking down with disappointmen I am sure and probably with disgust at how a two bit union thug milked the situation to gain a Labour Party nomination in Botany.

If Brenden Sheehan had any dignity left behind his false weaselly persona he would resign and shuffle off of the public stage before the embarrasment got any worse. It would also be good if he wrote an open letter to the people of New Zealand apologising for his disgusting milking of his “relatives” death.

  • michaels

    Sheehan on ZB news at 5PM


    If Fololobese Muliaga was white and middle class she wouldn’t have died”.


    Well I suggest Whale that your friend should really train to be a Brain Surgean or Rocket Scientist or something similiar.

    DUH, a white middle class woman wouldn’t have been 500kg and 2. she would have paid her fucking power bill!!!


  • Strutta


    I would prefer to be able to disagree with you about this poor (emotionally not financially) woman’s death. However, I find it difficult to sympathise with the family because of their inaction to save her and their professed ignorance of her condition despite repeated notices and warnings.

    Try as I might, I can’t find any excuse for her relatives for their failure to act on her behalf. What is even more reprehensible is how others have used her tragic demise to try to gain political advantage. I applaud your outrqage and share your anger. However, in the current political climate I must ask “What can anyone do?”

  • Brian Smaller

    Do? nothing probably.  Which is why I told my father to not worry about his power bill this winter.  He is very old and needs a warm house. He also has a nebuliser that he uses four times a day.  Told him to tell his power supplier that he has a”life support” machine at home and more than likely he will never have to pay a power bill again.

  • nigel201065

    There are 2 things I want to know about this case

    1, Is the Bilious Bitch going to apologize to Vector for grandstanding over the corpse and

    2, Just how much has this cost us the tax payers from the medical bills, to the welfare now the family is on to the coroners inquest