Labour no worry for Williamson

I don’t think Labour or their candidate will be bothering Maurice Williamson in Pakuranga this election.

Labour this year has selected someone it appears is even more spineless that veteran punch-bag Michael Wood.

I just checked out Brian What-his-name’s website to find out all about his credentials. On his bio page it looks like he well qualified to know all about spineless-ness being a qualified back-cracker. One wonders though what you have to do to win the Spine-cracker of the Year award??

He looks like a real go getter though amassing a huge amount of blog posts in election year. The local papers will aslo be getting concerned by the veritable barrage of press releases from him as well, they could well be looking to hire new staff to handle the influx.

He has also been a real trooper attending a vast amount of events. i seriously wonder if he has the time to attend them all. His wife will certainly be concerned with such a heavy campaign load.

One plus though is that he has managed to get someone to act as his financial agent.

  • Awarua2008

    “These issues at the time divided our country, but are now public policy.”

    Eh? Is the Springbok Tour public policy? Is it the Ministry of Rucking, or The Department of John Minto and Other Commie Sympathisers.

    He might have been voted MVP of the chiropractors association, but by fuck he sounds thick.

    He can’t even spell Williamson’s name.

    Another pinko for the scrapheap.

    PS Any career he might have had with Labour is up shit creek anyway because he’s a) white, b) heterosexual, c) and apparently successful businessman, and d) looks like a raving Christian.