Labour's lifeboat list getting crowded

Labour's List LifeboatWith their parlous poll results Labour’s travellers are getting desperate and trying to book passage on a decreasing lifeboat called the List.

Unfortunately for them Cullen is drilling holes in the bottom and Clark has left the rudder behind.

Meanwhile all the inept ministers are holding a meeting to determine whether a lifeboat will be necessary or just a rowboat.

What will be really interesting after the election will be the blood that flows from the battle between HQ appointed list pansies vs. hard working local MP’s who retained their seats despite the best efforts of Cullen and Clark to alienate the electorate.

Helen Clark is making herself the party and the party into Helen Clrk may have well architected the demise of the modern Labour party.

Now that they are down and hurting is a right good time to adminster a first class kicking they will never forget.

  • Monty

    Mmmmm more in-fighting between the socialists.  I wonder how many of the egotistical pricks in Labour can stomach the prospect of nine years at least on the opposition benches.  I would think not too many.  I also now predict that Cullen will announce his retirement before the election.

    Key has yet again out-flanked Labour. He has listened to the discontent about MMP from heartland New Zealanders and sees that they are fed up with MMP because heartland NZ hate the parasite on the tail (like winston and the Greenies) wagging the dog.  He can hold a referendum on MMP in 12 months and then a binding referendum in three years.    In opposition Labour may well be happy to support such  a move when they are not shackled to the Loony Greenies and the egotistical Dunne and Winston.  Anderton will be gone.  The Maori Party may also be happy with such as move , and the likely outcome will be the proportional representation on say 50 seats only (the other 70 being electoral seats)

    So over the next few weeks expect to see a lot of bitching from the socialists about placement on the lists.  The other debate will be MMP, and National are well poised to win on both counts.

    I still predict at least oe poll will show Labour down to 25% before the election.

  • pdm

    Maybe it is an opportunity to reduce the size of Parliament as well – say 50 Electorate seats and 40 party seats.

  • first time caller

    As long as they’re all National