The list of victims grows

That don't impress me muchThe Curse of Clark has struck again.

Remember Gordon Brown? Well he had breakfast with Clark and his government promptly fell into an abyss from which they may not recover.

Remember the America’s Cup? Team NZ doing well until Clark showed up and then inexplicably they start losing bundled out!

Remember the Rugby World Cup? All Blacks have Helen Clark attend the Quarter Final and lose!

What about the Netball World Cup? Thankfully Clark didn’t attend till the final, but when she did the Silver Ferns lost!

Getting the picture.

Now there is another victim. Shania Twain. Just two months ago, in March Clark was rushing to her side for some reflected glory of a Candian buying a New Zealand asset.

Now Shania Twain is probably wishing Dear Leader had never shown up in her well worn blue anorak.

She will certainly be singing “That don’t impress me much” now.

  • Whaleoil

    Whatever Harp-on, the Witch met Twain and the curse struck. Same as all the other times. If Clark out her claw to me i would run lest something evil beset me from the Reverse Midas touch that is Clark’s.

  • Harpoon

    [quote=Whaleoil] Just two months ago, in March Clark was rushing to her side for some reflected glory of a Candian buying a New Zealand asset.[/quote]

    That’s not true. Clark was there to open the new Motatapu track – the first back country section of the Te Araroa public walkway to open in the South Island. the walkway goes across Twain’s land — Twain bought the land 3 and a half years ago. Clark has been to loads of major track openings, and she always does a media release about it and a photo op which usually gets a run in the media, so having a go at her for acceding to media demands in this instance is a bit lame.


  • Mike Dilger

    Hey Harpoon, open your other eye!

    I think you are missing the point of what was written, the devastation normally happens after she visits.  We are yet to find out how much this bunch of chumps has devastated New Zealand.

  • Awarua2008

    bullshit harpoo.  the curse strikes again.  how long will it be before someone gets seriously injured as a result of this woman’s bad karma?

  • Harpoon

    Awarua2008’s suggestion that I’m bullshitting is, of course, bullshit; it has nothing but baseless superstitious nada.

    My comment, on the other hand,  is full of proof — just click on the embedded hyperlinks.